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We knew Rick and Betty before they started this business. They have always been very helpful and go out of their way to help others.  
When they founded Always There Cottage Care, we were relieved - for several years, we wanted to hire a service like this, but couldn't find anyone who we could trust with our home. We completely trust Rick and Betty - and, this trust has paid off for us.  

Just this winter, they helped us solve a mouse problem and, more recently, on one of their weekly inspections of our home, they discovered that our cleaning lady (not affiliated with them) had accidentally turned on the gas starter to the fire place - the house had filled with natural gas. Thankfully, Rick discovered this dangerous situation, found the source and cleared the house of the gas. We can only imagine what would have happened if Rick had not discovered the problem and the gas had continued to fill the house.  

During the past year, we have come to rely on Rick and Betty - especially for the weekly inspection reports that they send to us by e-mail. When we receive those comprehensive reports, we know that our cottage is safe and secure and that we don't have to be there every weekend to check in (especially nice in the winter).  
We can't imagine a more professional, diligent and friendly cottage care company in Harbor Country. We highly recommend Rick and Betty.

Betty and Rick were recommended by a good friend who has a house near us in Michigan! I have since recommended them to many! Betty and Rick will take care of ANYTHING that we need, from keeping our house clean and beautiful, to picking up a few things at the grocery store, or helping with the gardens. I feel so lucky to have Betty and Rick in our lives.

Knowing that our weekend house is under the Scanlan’s watchful eyes has made us far more relaxed when we’re not able to be there. Rick and Betty go well beyond what one would expect from a service. I know that they will anticipate potential problems when there is threatening weather and will run by to check the house. They have always been available when we have needed help - to meet a service repair person - to help us hang a shelf on the wall - or to ready our house for a bachelorette party! We’re lucky to have found such wonderful people to give us peace of mind. They are the best!

Alice and Debbie
Always There Cottage Care gives us wonderful peace of mind that our home is taken care of when we are away both for short trips as well as when we are away for several months at a time.

Betty and Rick are completely trustworthy, knowledgeable and conscientious—they are quick to take care of anything that needs to be done. In addition, we get regular updates on our home. 

Betty and Rick have been cleaning and managing our vacation rental homes for several years and do a wonderful job. Betty truly cleans like its her own home. We rent out the homes and our renters often comment on how wonderful the home looks when they check-in. Our schedule for cleaning is often complicated and rushed and they always manage to get it done perfect and on time. They will go above and beyond the usual work and mention things that need to be repaired or replaced and often will just go ahead and do the work. I would highly recommend Always There Cottage Care to anyone who needs help with their home in Harbor Country.

Photo by Robin Quackenbush
Photo by Robin Quackenbush